GRP Grating Systems / designed – fabricated – installed

we supply GRP grating non slip flooring constructed from fibreglass, as an excellent as well as cost effective choice to typical grating products like wood, moderate steel and also stainless steel. Our fibreglass grating is remarkably slide resistant and the gritted and also scooped anti-slip Micro Mesh Grating offers excellent traction in damp as well as icy problems.

GRP Grating Systems fibreglass grating can likewise be supplied in various material coatings to permit numerous as well as differed applications such as overseas where fire resistance and low smoke are important or settings where highly corrosive chemicals exist.
One product, many applications

Fibreglass grating is developed making use of continual interwoven glass fibers as reinforcement product and resin as the matrix with continual solidification via a mould system. The consistent construction offers superb bi-directional mechanical buildings. It is beneficial to all sectors whether it be chemical, pharmaceutical, offshore or recreation to name simply a few with lots of applications like platforms, floor coverings, sidewalks, trench covers, ramps and cable television trough covers.
Bespoke production

We such as to think of ourselves as a distinct one quit store facility offering consumers superior solution and top quality items. We now offer the following.

Complete in residence supporting steelwork style and also fabrication.
Complete in house GRP Grating as well as walkway style and construction.
Design, drafting and outlining solutions.
On website installation, assembly as well as erection services.
Job Administration and also assistance.

GRP Non slip

Staircases & Actions
Emergency exit
Gantries & Operating systems
Packing Bays
Elevated lumber decking

GRP Grating

Offshore Operatings systems
Air Duct & Drainpipe Covers
Pit Covers
Cord Trough Covers
Wash Racks
Increased Walkways
Raised Operatings systems
Tower Load Supports
Battery Racks
Roof covering Bridges
Bund Flooring

GRP Products

Handrails and also articles
Commercial Kitchen areas
Commode Blocks
Business showers
Wet Space floors
Stockroom locations
Manufacturing facility & Manufacturing
Vet & Kennel
Healthcare facilities