What To Write In A Leaving Card

So you have actually got the devastating news, your colleague is off to fields brand-new. Bastards.

Yes you intend to more than happy for them however on the other hand you would love to be the one that has actually likewise efficiently run away. What IS their secret?!

When you overcome the mortifying truth they have in fact managed to cut and run, when you get over the destructive information that your job ‘pal’ is lastly leaving the mad house, ahem I mean the “place of work”.

You have actually acquired them an amusing leaving card. If you haven’t yet, after that take a peek at our incredible leaving card range where you’ll discover plenty of selection in funny leaving cards, offensive leaving cards, and also some great pleasant leaving cards.

The moment then involves decide what to write in their leaving card … Oh, what on earth to write you might ask on your own! Well stress say goodbye to you careless fuckers, we have made it truly easy to find a wonderful, offending or ordinary impolite message to write in your leaving card for a close friend, or a leaving card for an associate.

Perfect if you don’t have the moment, are simply as well heartbroken to write something amusing or offending, or just can not be arsed, do not worry … we have actually obtained you …

Our imaginative juices have actually been streaming non-stop (ooer) and also we’re sure you’ll most definitely discover something amusing and also insulting to write from this comprehensive list. Something they will permanently remember you by. Specifically when they’re long gone and also are despising their brand-new work equally as much (tee hee) They can recall and have an excellent laugh.

Right here’s several of the most effective messages to truly stick out from the rest of the boring, common messages every person constantly composes:

The yard might be greener on the other side, but just remember it’s fertilized with crap!

I have actually only been here a week and I’ve needed to add to your leaving fund, you fucker.

I’ll need to go on my own for fag breaks now …

I always remember a face, but with your own I make sure I’ll handle …

We had some blasts … On your days off.

May obtain some work done currently.

Thanks for deserting me. You recognize I have problems.

Please don’t leave me with weirdo Dave!

Piss off to your new task then. Traitor.

Totes gutted you’re leaving huns.

God aid your brand-new colleagues.

I offer it a week.

See you when you come back. You’re coming back right … RIGHT??!!

I will always remember you. An absolutely terrific coworker, best friend, wingman, and all round generous individual. All the most effective in your new work (incorrect name) Good luck!

I’m actually mosting likely to miss out on attempting to avoid talking to you.

Who’s seat am I gon na smell currently??!

Laters Penis Breath.

That’s mosting likely to make my coffee currently bitch?!

Do not stress I’ll still be viewing you via your window every night.

Somebody claimed there ‘d be cake as well as hotdogs. Existing fuckers! But yep all the best.

Well done on your new task, hope you pass your trial duration prior to they realise what an ineffective twat you are.

[Place something hilarious below]
Happy Birthday celebration!

I hope your employer isn’t as bad as this set.

Any chance of a shag now?


Heard they’re changing you with a young hot fittie anyhow so … Cheerio!

Sorry I transformed you down at the Xmas event when you asked if I would certainly give you a blow job in charge’ office. All the best though!

Great, one less weirdo in this area!

I do not care what any person else says, I believed you were okay to work with.

You will certainly be missed out on … By somebody, someplace, I’m nearly rather certain of it.

Congratulations off duty this godforsaken shithole.

Idea you ‘d never fucking leave!


Collaborating with you has absolutely been the most unforgettable of experiences.

I will really miss our nude Wednesdays.

The canteen will certainly be out of organisation now! #fatbastard

Fuck off as well as do not return.

Good luck with your retirement. That will I get all the chatter from currently?!

Thought you would certainly left ages ago.

Many thanks for leaving me here with all these twatbags!

Sorry you’re leaving … Lucky cunt.

Farewell as well as congrats on your new job. That must mean you’re smarter than you look!