The Do’s and Don’ts of Knife Sharpening and Maintenance

When you receive a wonderful knife you are excited, after all this is brand-new device that you can flaunt and also utilize at the same time. A great knife signifies to those around you, “I such as to prepare and also I take pride with the flatware I utilize!” Nevertheless, after using the knife a few times the regrettable awareness will begin to slip right into your mind that the knife will certainly not remain sharp for life. By following a couple of simple do’s and don’ts of blade sharpening and upkeep, you won’t have to fret about your blades and can maintain them looking sharp.


Maintain your knives clean as well as completely dry as long as possible.

Use a Professional Knife Sharpener such as Knife Sharp.

Cut your food on wooden cutting boards, which is much better for the side of your knife. Cutting on difficult surface areas, such as a stone or steel counter top or a glass cutting board, will certainly boring the side of your knife much faster and can also create damage to your blade.

Sharpen your blades on honing rocks. Utilizing a Japanese whetstone to sharpen your knives is the very best way to accomplish the sharpest edge on your blade.

Maintain your angle consistent when honing. This might prove to be hard when learning how to sharpen a knife, yet it is important to hold the blade at the exact same angle on every stroke and keep your angle reduced.
Always complete on a fine grit stone, which will certainly brighten your side and also get your knife closer to being razor sharp.
After polishing your edge on a great grit stone, finish the process by developing your blade on a leather strop, which will certainly aid attain the finest side feasible.
Polish as well as strop your knives frequently. This will certainly aid maintain your edge in between sharpenings.


Don’t run your knife through a knife system or gadget. Running your blade with a device will erratically chew up the side, can damage the face of the blade, as well as will not get your blade as sharp as using a whetstone to sharpen.

Do not belt hone knives. Developing on a belt grinder will certainly warm up the blade and also alter the molecular framework of the steel. Heating a blade will soften the steel as well as the knife will not have the ability to hold an edge as long and also will never absolutely achieve its maximum intensity.
If refining a knife on a steel rod, don’t bang it against the pole. It is not a percussion tool, it’s a device that is indicated to keep the side of softer steels. It is also important to use long also strokes and keep a constant angle. For harder steels we suggest individuals refine their side on a natural leather strop.